Supporting live music venues after lockdown

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2020 just wasn’t meant to look like this, was it? We’re sure everybody had high hopes in January, however it quickly became apparent that things wouldn’t quite be going to plan.

One by one countries locked themselves down, and a range of different industries were forced to pay the price. Many of them have been able to open back up since, but the live music entertainment industry has not been so lucky.

The UK’s rich and illustrious catalogue of music venues, concert halls and nightclubs are seriously under threat, and over at Winzum we think that it is essential that they are supported during and post lockdown.

The devastating effect of Covid-19

We often take the UK music industry for granted, with people just happy to be entertained by the abundance of stars out there in the 21st century. What many people forget, however, is the amount of revenue that the music entertainment industry brings to the economy. In 2019, for instance, it contributed £4.5 billion to the UK economy, supporting 210,000 jobs in the process.

And this year? Well, quite literally everything was forced to stop by mid-March, and there is no guaranteeing that the industry will be able to do anything until the end of this year. That means tens of thousands of redundancies, and several billion pounds in lost revenue. Not great… not great at all.

How to support live music venues during lockdown

Everyone’s a winner with Winzum, and we want that to translate into everything we do, not just the online competition element. So, with that in mind, how are we all meant to support live music venues during lockdown?

Obviously the large majority won’t be open yet, however some establishments have opened their doors to a limited number of customers, and buying a beer or cocktail is the least that we can do. Aside from this just make sure you are interacting with them as much as possible on social media – every little helps after all!

Supporting live music venues after lockdown

Supporting live music venues post-lockdown is incredibly important, not to mention incredibly fun too! Honestly, these establishments are going to be itching to get the revenue flowing, and that is something we can all help out with, simply by going to as many concerts as possible.

Who knows, you could even end up hearing some quality music from some of these top independent electronic music labels… [top independent electronic music labels]

Winzum and our commitment to helping live music venues

At Winzum we really are looking forward to helping live music venues as much as possible, indeed, what is life without live music entertainment?

So get ready for paid and free to enter competitions in partnership with some of our favourite venues across the country, with prizes ranging from tickets all the way through to VIP experiences. Moreover, we will be looking to highlight some of the best establishments through our on-going blog series.

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