What does GDPR mean for me?


Everybody and their dog will have heard of the mythical term GDPR over the last few years, however over at Winzum we are willing to bet that not many people actually have the faintest idea what it is.

The General Data Protection Regulation act is something that was pioneered by the EU in 2018, and designed to keep all of our precious data safe. Now, in the context of online competitions this is incredibly important, hence why we are so committed to keeping your data safe and secure.

In fact, strictly adhering to GDPR protocol is something we take incredibly seriously at Winzum as you can see from our primary brand objectives here [primary brand objectives]. 99% of the time we love a laugh, but when it comes to your data security we are nothing but serious!

A brief history of GDPR

Whilst GDPR came into full effect in 2018, the groundwork was already being sewn in 2016, where a two-year transition period commenced to give companies the chance to update their data protocols. The legislation used to govern online data protection before this was established in 1995 at a time where the Internet was still a wee little toddler.

We think its pretty shocking that it took more than two decades for some effective legislation to be set up, however that’s just us. There are countless nasty companies and corporations who loved the fact that they were free to horde data, something we stand completely against at Winzum.

What does GDPR entail?

To cut a very long story short, GDPR is a legal framework that forces businesses into protecting the personal data of any EU citizen browsing the Internet across Europe. This is especially important for companies such as banks, social media sites or online competition platforms like ourselves, as they tend to deal with a lot of customer data.

For consumers and customers one of the main positives about GDPR is that it requires companies to give the right to be forgotten. Don’t want your personal data kept by a specific business anymore? Now you can ask them to delete it, and they simply have to oblige. Additionally, as consumers we must now give out explicit consent to record any kind of personal data – no more secret data harvesters!

How we are committed to adhering to GDPR requirements at Winzum

We take online data security very seriously at Winzum, and as such we are completely and utterly dedicated to upholding all the parts of GDPR, no matter how much effort that can be.

This means we will delete all of your personal data at the drop of a hat; all you have to do is ask. It also means that your data is never (and we repeat, never) on sale. We wouldn’t want you flogging our personal details online, so there is no way we’d do it to you. Everyone’s a winner at Winzum after all, not just us.

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