Winzum £150 Red Letter Days Voucher Giveaway

Winzum are constantly striving to be the best online competition platform we can be, which is why we are always aiming to mix up our online competition prizes. On the one hand are super exclusive tailored prizes like our Mad Hatters Tea Party canvas by Cheba giveaway, and on the other are vouchers for the likes of our Bitcoin giveaways.

Everybody loves a voucher, right? These proverbial golden tickets can be used for an assortment of exciting things, and it has inspired our next tantalizing Winzum giveaway. One of our lovely online competition community will be in with a chance of winning a £150 Red Letter Days voucher, something that can be used on a truly stupendous amount of different things.

Red Letter Days have given people across the UK a chance to have some truly breath-taking experiences, from whizzing around Silverstone in a ferociously quick Lamborghini, all the way through to jumping out of a plane at 6000 feet. The company have been operating since 1989 too, so they’re very well experienced in providing a quality service.

Experience days have always been a tremendous amount of fun, but after a year and a half in which the possibilities of what we can do day-to-day have been slashed, has there ever been a better time to book one? Winzum are always trying to look out for you lovely lot, and after this dastardly Covid-19 pandemic a Red Letter Days experience is the perfect recipe for some much needed fun!

As always, this Winzum £150 Red Letter Days Voucher giveaway is exceptionally easy to enter, all you really have to do is follow the link in the image below. The only thing we need from you is your email address, and this is just to let competition winners know that they are the lucky ones! Winzum will also occasionally hit your inbox with exclusive discounts and deals from our brand partners.

That really is it. We pride ourselves on being as transparent, fair and data responsible as we possibly can. We wouldn’t want our personal details sold off and plastered across the Internet, so there is absolutely no chance we would do the same to you. Read more about our Winzum core pledges here [winzum core brand objectives].

Keep reading for a bit more of an in-depth look at everything you could get your paws on through the Winzum £150 Red Letter Voucher giveaway

Red Letter Days: An endless amount of fun since 1989

Founded back in 1989 by former Dragon’s Den entrepreneur Rachel Elnaugh, Red Letter Days were one of the first companies to explore the concept of experience day vouchers. The idea came from an elaborately presented set of cricket tickets she gave as a present to her father, something that has since been replicated thousands and thousands of times for people across the country.

Making truly unforgettable memories over pointlessly acquiring a load of materialistic possessions is at the core of what Red Letter Days are about. Sometimes its nice to treat yourself to some new clothes or a new gadget, but do you really think it would stick in your memories as much as a Spitfire Passenger Flight?

Fun is the name of the game for Red Letter Days, and their passions shines through the quite frankly outrageous number of experience day possibilities on offer, as well as more conventional stuff like spa days or short mini breaks. The company also pride themselves on making sure that all demographics, tastes, occasions and budgets are covered – there is well and truly something for everyone!

Indeed, this is why Winzum thought it was such a great idea to offer a £150 Red Letter Day voucher to our wonderful online competition community. This has got to be one of our most expansive and versatile competition prizes yet, joining forces with a world renowned company that have given so many people the experience of their lives.

These days Red Letter Days is a very prestigious and profitable company, however its history hasn’t all been plain sailing. In fact, in August 2005 the company went into administration after a series of poor business decisions, with Dragon’s Den favourites Theo Pahphitis and Peter Jones stepping in to save it at the last minute.

As it turns out this was far from a bad thing, because within a decade Red Letter Days had returned to its former glory, branching out and offering even more enthralling experiences to people up and down the UK. With over 5000 unique and often exhilarating experiences to choose from, winning our Winzum £150 Red Letter Days Voucher giveaway is the perfect way to inject some fun into an otherwise rather bland year and a half.

Some of the most exciting Red Letter Days possibilities

For those of you that have never had any contact with Red Letter Days before the concept of “experience days” may be slightly difficult to get your head around. The basic premise revolves around giving unforgettable experiences as gifts, with the intention of making our day-to-day lives just that little bit more special.

But it doesn’t stop there, as they also have a number of options that can genuinely be once in a lifetime opportunities to do something that you have always wanted. If you know where to look you can engage in exhilarating experiences without Red Letter Days, but they make it so simple and easy to look through their catalogue, so why wouldn’t you?

Besides the fact that they offer so much choice, the company has also been instrumental in opening peoples’ eyes to the wonders of experience days in the 21st century – so many thing are possible nowadays! Take a look at a few of these things that you could win through the Winzum £150 Red Letter Days Voucher giveaway:

  1. Fly In A Spitfire Over The English Channel: There are only eight fully operational Spitfire TR9 planes left anywhere in the world, so this Red Letter Day experience truly is once in a lifetime. These planes were originally used by the RAF to train WWII pilots, and now for the first time in UK history they can be used for passenger flight. Ever wanted to fly over the English Channel in a Spitfire TR9 just like the brave fighter pilots of WWII did time and time again? This is your chance to have an extraordinarily cherishable flying experience.

  2. Tandem Skydive for One: Jumping out of a plane at 7000 feet certainly isn’t everybody’s cup of tea, however for many of us it certainly is a once in a lifetime bucket list experience. The Tandem Skydive for One is one of Red Letter Days’ most popular options, and can be done in Peterborough, Salisbury and Becles. People can reach speeds of up to 120mph as they plummet down to earth, but you needn’t worry, because you’ll be strapped to a qualified instructor who knows exactly what they are doing for the whole descent. Skydiving amazingly has its origins all the way back in the 18th century – it really is one of the most ludicrous experiences you can have.

  3. Forest Rally Experience in Wales for One: One of the most frustrating things about driving in day-to-day life is not fully being able to open up the throttle and let your hair down, but this is what experience days are for! The Forest Rally Experience in Wales for One takes budding amateur rally drivers to a genuine WRC Rally stage located in Caersws-Powys. The forest rally stage is set in 900 acres of twisting and challenging woodland, with participants being able to choose from a Ford RS2000 or Subaru Impreza. You can drive as fast and hard as you possibly can here, and there is also a trophy at the end for fastest driver on the day!

  4. The Slide at The ArcelorMittal Orbit – Family Ticket: Somehow it seems as though not many people know about The ArcelorMittal Orbit, an iconic twisting, looping and curving 114 metre sculpture and observation tower located in the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park. With The Slide at The ArcelorMittal Orbit –Family Ticket you and your loved ones can first experience a tour of this inimitable structure, before sliding down its 178 metre slide that weaves in and out of the building. It’s the tallest and longest tunnel slide in the world!

  5. Ariel Atom and Caterham Driving Blast for One Person: Passionate car enthusiasts may well have seen the Top Gear episode where Jeremy Clarkson’s face is almost pulled off by the speed of the Ariel Atom, a pretty hilarious and clear example of how outrageously quick this car is. Most people won’t ever have the chance to actually buy an Ariel Atom or Caterham Seven, however with this Red Letter Day experience you can at least drive them around a racetrack. The Ariel Atom has a top speed of 145mph, but it’s the alleged 2.3 second 0-60 acceleration speed that will really have you gripping your seat.

Experience days: A serious amount of fun

It would be a lie to say that the loose concept of experience days was only invented a few decades ago, as they have been around in some shape or form since pretty much the beginning of civilization. But commercialised experience days sold en-masse? That is a relatively new phenomenon.

As we said before, Red Letter Days, alongside others such as Virgin Experience Days, were early pioneers of the experience day gift concept, getting the idea off the ground in 1989. It immediately proved to be a huge success, so much so that by the early 2000s there were a plethora of companies offering the same kind of thing.

And let’s be honest: is there any surprise? It wasn’t impossible for people to engage in experiences like rally driving or skydiving before, but it was definitely a lot harder to find out how, especially in an age before Google. Companies like Red Letter Days are invaluable for how easy they have made experience hunting, and millions of lucky customers over the years have had the pleasure of a genuinely life affirming experience.

If you want an example of quite how successful the experience day sector was and continues to be just consider this: a 2007 Mintel survey estimated its value to be a whooping £98 million. Its annual compound growth since then has averaged about 30% year-on-year, with its valuation now hitting numbers well over £125 million.

There are so many options in the Red Letter Days catalogue that are outrageous amounts of fun, and also genuinely special experiences that are remembered for lifetimes. Because come on – when else are you going to be able to fly over the English Channel in a genuine WWII Spitfire? It is no wonder they continue to be one of the world’s most popular providers of quality and tailored gifts.

Winzum: Your go-too for fun, unique and downright awesome competition prizes

Winzum are always looking for online competition prizes that are going to benefit our community in the best ways possible. There have been giveaways for a £100 Cool Camping voucher in the past, for example, as well as £50 Asda gift card and a Satori Wellness Hamper. On the other side of the coin are the more unique and exclusive Winzum prizes that you simply cannot get anywhere else. Just remember the Roni Size x Inkh signed collaboration, or the mesmerising sold-out Cheba Mad Hatters Tea Party print.

A key part of what we do is making sure each online competition prizes builds on the one before and also responds what our wonderful followers want. With the Covid-19 pandemic finally drawing to a close the idea for our next giveaway was always going to be tailored around a serious amount of fun. It is something we have all been largely starved of over the last year and a half – everyone needs a little burst of exhilaration once in a while.

And what better place to look than the renowned Red Letter Days? These guys definitely know a thing or two about adrenaline-charged, unique and joyful experience days across a huge spectrum of options. We’re incredibly excited to have a £150 Red Letter Days on offer for you lovely lot. It could be you golden ticket to a range of experiences that include skydiving, rally driving, sightseeing days out and so much more!

A remainder on how to enter the Winzum £150 Red Letter Days Voucher giveaway

As always the Winzum £150 Red Letter Days Voucher giveaway is incredibly easy to enter, something in keeping with our core brand objectives. Follow the competition link and jot down your email address so that we can notify you if you’re the lucky winner – it’s as easy as that.

And remember, Winzum committed to uphold online and data security at every step, which means any data you give us is never going to be for sale. It’s just not how we roll. So what are you waiting for? Have a bit of some of Winzum’s stress free glee and get entering our £150 Red Letters Day Voucher giveaway below.

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