Winzum “Motel Malice” UK Tour Tickets

If there is one thing Winzum loves more than competitions, it is quality musical experiences across a wide spectrum of sounds, cultures, and locations. For example, in the past we have ran free prize draws for festivals, such as Tokyo World 2021 in Bristol, and a wide variety of exclusive gifts from the likes of Break and Roni Size .

A love of music ties these altogether, and this time we’re back with a free prize draw for several lots of Good Life “Motel Malice” UK tour tickets, with artists like David Rodigan, DJ Boring and Dan Shake. The exhilarating events brand have a run of dates up and down the country, stopping off at Birmingham, London, Leeds, Brighton, Bristol, and Cardiff.

Good Life have been operating for several years now, starting out in Leeds with an emphasis on outlandish themes and fully immersive production. Whilst most events companies have a certain focus genre-wise, with Good Life there is always a wonderful spread of sounds on offer. Indeed, their events are more about the experience and love of a good time, rather than predetermined genre categories.

It is something we can get on board with at Winzum and is the same reason why we were so excited to run a Tokyo World 2021 free prize draw. Furthermore, after a year and a half of nightclubs being effectively closed, companies like Good Life need our help more than ever. And then there’s all of us music enthusiasts who have been starved of a good time throughout the pandemic too. Everybody needs a good old party, don’t you think?

Which brings us onto the Winzum Good Life “Motel Malice” UK tour tickets free prize draw, where you have the chance to win x4 tickets to see the likes of Dan Shake All Night long, DJ Boring and David Rodigan. As with all our Winzum competitions, entering could not be easier. Just head to the competition landing page for each event and follow the instructions!

That’s the important stuff out of the way regarding the Winzum Good Life “Motel Malice” UK Tour Tickets Free Prize Draw. Keep reading for a deep dive into exactly what you can expect…

Who are Good Life?

First things first, it is always nice to learn more about a specific events brand, especially one that is as successful and interesting as Good Life. Throwing their first party in Leeds back in 2013 at Full Circle, the company quickly experienced a great deal of success in their native city. From the start the emphasis has been on “outlandish themes, elaborate costumes and unique performers”, ensuring that “nothing is the same twice”.

As a result, Good Life events are unique in the lengths that the team go to regarding production, performers, and other unique oddities. In the spirit of festivals like the Boomtown Fair, you could go to a Good Life party and wholeheartedly enjoy yourself without even listening to the music.

From humble beginnings in Leeds, Good Life have now spread their operations across the UK, staging regular events in places like London, Bristol, Brighton, Birmingham and many more cities. Over the years they have invited the crème-de-la-crème of the UK music scene to join them too, with everybody from Horse Meat Disco to Sherelle and Mella Dee gracing the decks.

Aside from regular club events, the Good Life team also threw the Cardiff Disco Festival in 2019, with plans for larger festival-style parties constantly in the works. Judging by their immaculate approach to production and musical curation, Good Life are certainly here to stay. Winzum cannot be happier to be working with them throughout the “Motel Malice” UK tour, where you can win x4 tickets to see the likes of Dan Shake, Interplanetary Criminal, Dj Boring and more.

An overview of the Good Life “Motel Malice” UK Tour

If you are familiar with Good Life, you’ll know that they are big fans of thematic consistency across a run of dates, something that allows them to go all-out when it comes to the production and décor. This time around the team invites us to the “Motel Malice”, the self-proclaimed “motel that never sleeps”.

Just like with the numerous other Good Life parties over the last several years, the main thing with the “Motel Malice” is simply to expect the unexpected. With several different room themes planned, the motel will be drenched in neon, delivering the typical explosion of colour and craziness that Good Life have made their name through. You can expect interactive hotel staff as well as some of their biggest stage designs yet.

Let’s be honest, this sounds pretty amazing in itself. But just you wait until you see the various tour dates and line-ups on offer:

1.Beaverworks, Leeds: David Rodigan, Congo Natty, Pola & Bryson & Support. Win x4 tickets through this link

2.The Arch, Brighton: Dan Shake – All Night Long. Win x4 tickets through this link

3.HighRise Hub, Bristol: DJ Boring, O’Flynn, Laurence Guy, Tibasko, Manami, A for Alpha. Win x4 tickets through this link

4.Tramshed, Cardiff: DJ Boring, Interplanetary Criminal. Win x4 tickets through this link

That is a serious spread of artists at some of the best late night music venues in the UK – testimony to the quality with which Good Life approach their events. Winning tickets for you and your friends couldn’t be easier with the Winzum Good Life “Motel Malice” UK Tour Tickets Free Prize Draw. Just head to the landing page for each tour date to enter!

A look at the amazing cast of artists

We gave a round-up of each Good Life “Motel Malice” tour date above, but with such an incredible cast of artists joining the events brand it would be a shame not to go more in-depth. In typical fashion, the team have delivered a diverse spread of genres covering house, disco, jungle, reggae, UK garage and so much more. Furthermore, it is incredibly heartening to see a mix of established artists and newcomers making their mark on the scene.

Read below for a look at a selection of the amazing cast of artists across the Good Life “Motel Malice” tour dates:

David Rodigan: Where else to start but with David Rodigan? One of the main people responsible for bringing reggae into the British mainstream during the 70s and 80s, Rodigan is amongst the most culturally important people in the country. Receiving both an MBE and Jamaican Order of Distinction, the reggae and dancehall selector is known for setting parties alight with his authentic approach to Jamaican soundsystem culture. He is joined by Congo Natty amongst others in Leeds on the 9th of October. You can win x4 David Rodigan tickets here, but only if you’re lucky!

Dan Shake: There are very few DJs that can instil as much joy and raucous dancing energy into their crowd as Dan Shake. In the words of Resident Advisor, the producer and DJ represents “an explosion of colour, variety and flavour, driven by a curiosity of how people move, why they move, and what makes them want to keep moving”. It is certainly an enticing description, and if you have seen Dan Shake before you will see exactly why. There are few better DJs suited to an all night long set than this master of soulful house, joyful disco, and global delights. As a result, it is no surprise that Good Life have booked him from open-to-close at The Arch in Brighton. There are x4 tickets up for grabs for this one – you know what to do by now.

DJ Boring: After bursting onto the lo-fi house scene with “Winona” back in 2016, the Australian DJ Boring has ridden a mercurial rise to success, and for good reason. Quickly proving that the nostalgic, filter-driven sound of lo-fi house certainly wasn’t the only trick up his sleeve, the producer has since solidified himself as an essential part of the underground house scene, alongside contemporaries like Mall Grab and DJ Seinfeld. Tracks like “6 AM Mimosa” and “For Tahn” show DJ Boring’s talent at making emotive, rhythmically interesting, and deeply engrossing music, something he replicates with ease through his DJ sets. DJ Boring plays both the Bristol and Cardiff “Motel Malice” tour dates – hit the embedded links to win x4 tickets for both.

Interplanetary Criminal: The UK garage scene has seen somewhat of a resurgence over the last couple of years, and Interplanetary Criminal has been right at the forefront of the darker side of the genre with releases on labels like Time Is Now. Often characterised by a sub-heavy approach to classic 2-step, the producer masterfully blends elements of soundsystem culture and nostalgic jungle tropes with an inherently clean approach to production. Over the last few years his DJ sets have also evolved to include a full spectrum of sounds from the UK underground, with everything from UK garage and jungle to donk being rapturously received. You can win x4 tickets to see Interplanetary Criminal in Cardiff on the 29th of October by hitting the link.

What can you win in the Winzum Good Life “Motel Malice” UK Tour Tickets Free Prize Draw?

Winzum are extremely happy to be offering a free prize draw for each of the “Motel Malice” Good Life tour dates, where you can win x4 tickets to see the likes of Congo Natty, David Rodigan, Dan Shake, and more. As always, our competitions are incredibly easy to enter, with nothing more than your email address necessary.

Furthermore, it is worth noting that Winzum stands completely against spam or any kind of data farming. We ask for your email address only so we can let you know if you are a winner, and also to let you know of any exclusive brand discounts that we have sorted with our partners.

Winzum: We love music

Winzum is always looking to foster genuine communities and inject a sincere passion into the online competition world. There are far too many companies at the moment doing it solely for the money or the customer data (something we are very mindful of [how we are commited to data security]), but we want to do online competitions the right way.

In many cases, for us that means exploring our ridiculous passion for music with a succession of free prize giveaways. For example, in the past we have had special signed prizes from the likes of Roni Size as well as super exclusive sold-out USB stick from Drum & Bass favourite Break. Moreover, recently we ran a free prize tickets draw ahead of the Bristol Festival Tokyo World.

There are few things that can make people as happy as music, which is why it is always going to be something that we focus on!

How to enter the Winzum Good Life “Motel Malice” UK Tour Tickets Free Prize Draw

Okay, that’s the nit and gritty out of the way regarding the Winzum Good Life “Motel Malice” UK Tour Tickets Free Prize Draw. The only thing left to do is re-establish how to enter. It really is as easy as clicking on the link for any of the Good Life “Motel Malice” tour dates below:

1.Win x4 tickets to see David Rodigan, Congo Natty, Pola & Bryson & Support at Beaverworks, Leeds.

2.Win x4 tickets to see Dan Shake – All Night Long at The Arch, Brighton.

3.Win x4 tickets to see DJ Boring, O’Flynn, Laurence Guy, Tibasko, Manami, A for Alpha at HighRise Hub, Bristol

4.Win x4 tickets to see DJ Boring, Interplanetary Criminal at Tramshed, Cardiff.

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