Things to avoid in a competition platform


These days there is an almost infinite amount of online paid and free to enter competitions to enjoy. Trust us on that one, we would know after all… Another thing we know all about over at Winzum are the things to avoid in a competition platform, because, you know, we take such good care of our own one.

There are so many benefits to entering a Winzum competition – as you can see here [benefits of using Winzum] – and unfortunately we are pretty unique in offering many of these. If you are excited for a bit of competition time we recommend you avoid a few of these things when choosing an adequate online competition platform.

Unrealistic and suspicious prize offers

Yes; you might like to win your own, somehow unsold private jet, but do you really think it is a realistic prize to expect from a free to enter competition on Facebook? In the vast majority of cases unrealistically enticing prizes are indicative of a data farming exercise rather than anything else.

Obviously we all need to get excited about competition prizes, but there needs to be a degree of rational thought here too. At Winzum you will find a healthy selection of main prizes, and none of them are lies.

Avoid competition platforms with insufficient security protocol

The importance of data and cyber security is well documented by now [the importance of data and cyber security], however there are still too many people in the world not taking it seriously enough. Paid to enter competitions simply must have a visible SSL certificate (detectable through the padlock in the URL field on your browser), for example, otherwise your payment details are liable to be hacked.

A competition platform like ours that has obviously been created with love and care will have a visibly secure set of data security protocols. Steer clear of anything different.

Badly designed websites

Entering a Winzum online competition is full of what we call stress free glee, but unfortunately that experience isn’t the same on other platforms. Badly designed websites can really hamper the user experience when entering online competitions, hence the sleek and simple design of our own website.

Additionally, badly designed online competition websites make it much harder to find and enter the competitions that you really want, and nobody wants that.

An absence of genuine community

At Winzum everyone’s a winner, and we ensure this via a genuine online competition community, where members can expect to win various smaller prizes, and also find out about cool new brands in the process.

Online competition platforms are rarely so passionate about creating such a genuine community, which also means that they rarely care much about their customers. Stay away!

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