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Winzum is built upon the foundations of offering cutting edge online competition prizes, as well as the dedication towards building a genuine community at the same time. It is why we take care of our loyal online competition entrants as much as we possibly can in a variety of ways, from ensuring your safety to and also making sure we are always giving back.

Want a great example of this? You only have to look to our new monthly follower draws, with the first one revolving round a wonderful Cotswold Picnic Hamper. Up next is a delightful Satori Wellness Hamper, packed with a whole spread of treats to keep you grounded, relaxed and revitalized.

Satori Wellness was created out of the desire to make a real difference in the way that people lead their day-to-day lives. With an emphasis on mindfulness and an overall sense of wellbeing, their products include a variety of gorgeous gift boxes, bath bombs, a variety of eco friendly beauty products and other holistic remedies for stress and fatigue.

As we all know there is almost nothing better than a quality hamper, so we asked the wellness experts to compose a Satori Wellness Hamper for Winzum to giveaway to one of you lucky lot. With our Winzum monthly follower draws all you have to do to enter is drop a comment on either our Facebook or Instagram post, so what are you waiting for? In the meantime, keep reading for a deeper look at what is inside the Satori Wellness Hamper, and also how the modern concept of wellness has evolved.

What’s in the Satori Wellness Hamper?

Satori Wellness was founded by Nathalie and Samantha, two corporate London workers who started to find their lifestyle unfulfilling, despite their bubbling social lives and financially stable professions. They both quickly realised that, in their own words, “we both wanted to be more connected and conscious of our choices. And at the same time improve our overall well being”.

This is the idea that underpins Satori Wellness, a shop and blog that aims to help people achieve a higher quality of life through natural products and genuine advice. The word Satori is defined as “a sudden moment of awakening or enlightenment, seeing into one’s true nature” – something that the team at Satori Wellness aim to provide through their catalogue of goods and wellness articles.

There are a whole host of products available for customers to choose from, with things like CBD Bath Bombs, as well as silk sleep masks and Eco Friendly Bamboo Razors. For this particular Winzum monthly follower giveaway we decided to go all out, with a jam-packed Satori Wellness Hamper going to one lucky winner…

This prize is built for two people, so something as simple as dropping a comment on either our Facebook or Instagram post could make you and a special someone very happy indeed. Take a look below for a few of our favourite items included in the Satori Wellness Hamper:

  1. Mulberry Silk Eye Mask: Are you craving a deeper night’s sleep? If so you might find that these Mulberry Silk Eye Masks are the perfect remedy. The Satori Wellness Hamper comes complete with two of these outrageously soft and silky eye masks, an impeccable solution to gaining a sublime sleep each and every night.

  2. CBD Bath Bombs: There are few things more relaxing than a bath, but things get even more soothing when you throw CBD into the mix. This legal compound derived from the cannabis plant has been growing in popularity over the last decade as a natural cure for anxiety due to its calming affects. There are four CBD bath bombs to get stuck into in the Satori Wellness Hamper, and we’ll explore this new trend a bit later in this article.

  3. Pukka Love Tea: Pukka is one of the leading herbal tea companies and has been for quite some time, so you will be delighted to know that there are two boxes of Pukka Love Tea up for grabs in the Satori Wellness Hamper. That equates to 40 teabags, enough to last at least a few weeks! This flavour consists of organic rose, chamomile and lavender – perfect for a spot of late night relaxation ahead of a deep sleep.

  4. Palo Santo: Palo Santo is a South American tree that has been used as a traditional remedy for colds, flu, stress and anxiety for thousands of years. It has a sweet scent when burned, with notes of lemon, pine and mint – perfect for cleansing your home and dispelling any negative energy.

  5. Selenite: Selenite has been one of the most sacred crystals throughout the course of history, named after the Greek goddess of the moon Selene. It is a beautiful white translucent crystal representing spiritual purity, light, and connection to the angelic realms. As such it makes a perfect addition to the Satori Wellness Hamper.

  6. CBD Hand Cream: To complement the CBD Bath Bombs, Satori Wellness have also thrown in a CBD Hand Cream into their hamper. This cream is infused with 99% pure CBD grown in Colorado, and is a great way to keep your skin moisturised, whilst also experiencing the health benefits of a low dosage of CBD. It is also infused with lavender and jasmine, giving this moisturiser and absolutely delightful scent.

  7. Bamboo Razor: Whilst the main goal of Satori Wellness is to help us all lead more enriching lives, they are also heavily committed to environmental wellness too. After all, the health of our planet is where everything starts, is it not? The Bambo Razor included in the Satori Wellness Hamper is not only beautifully designed, but it could literally last you the rest of your life. No throwing away needed here, all you have to do is replace the metal blade from time to time!

  8. Amethyst: This beautiful purple variety of quartz has held significance for thousands of years as a tool to improve our spiritual connection to the world around us. Amethyst is often used to open up your “third eye”, a source of power and wisdom that can be lost in the humdrum of the modern world. Whatever your beliefs, you cannot deny that the Amethyst included in the Satori Wellness Hamper is absolutely beautiful, giving off an unmistakable aura that will have you tapping into your mystical side in no time at all.

Has there ever been a better time to appreciate the importance of wellness?

Let’s be honest here: the past year and a half has been somewhat difficult to deal with, mainly due to the uprooting affects of the global Covid-19 pandemic. As with everything in life though, it is important to consider the positives as well as the negatives, and one poignant thing here is the increased cultural importance of wellness.

Throughout the first lockdown of 2020 in particular there was a massive shift towards wellbeing and living a healthy lifestyle, something that originated as a way to cope with the massive upheaval of life, but is now a regular part of many people’s lives.

And the statistics speak for themselves when it comes to the current wellness trend, because the estimated size of the wellness market in 2021 is a staggering $1.5 trillion. Annual growth is currently forecasted at around 5%-10%, and amazingly last year it grew at more than double the rate of the tourism sector. It proves one thing: the focus on wellness is well and truly here to stay.

It is easy to see this as just another moneymaking machine, however with wellness products and companies it is genuinely different, because in the vast majority of cases these are people that simply want to help. It is no secret that our modern 21st century lifestyles have the potential to be incredibly unhealthy on a physical and mental level, so why not move to combat this?

As you can see from the Satori Wellness Hamper we are giving away, there are plenty of products aimed at delivering better quality sleep, reducing the stresses of modern life, and providing a way to spiritually cleanse yourself. This has always been massively important, but due to the events of the last year or so it takes on a whole load more significance – no arguing with that!

Entering our Winzum Satori Wellness Hamper monthly follower giveaway is the perfect way to provide you and a lucky somebody the tools to get stuck into everything the world of wellness has to offer. And the best thing? All it takes is a common on either our Facebook or Instagram post to get started!

CBD: A legal and natural way to overcome pain, anxiety and a lot more

You may have noticed a couple of CBD products included in the Satori Wellness Hamper, and it’s something we wanted to explore a little further. Over the last decade or so there has been a massive increase in the CBD market, kick-started by the legalization of cannabis in several US states.

But here’s the thing: although CBD is derived from cannabis plants, it is a harmless compound called cannabidiol (abbreviated to CBD), completely separate from the THC that is mainly responsible for the feeling of being “high” or “stoned”. In fact, the affects of CBD are almost non-noticeable on a conscious level, however it has been celebrated for massively reducing symptoms of pain, stress and anxiety, whilst also contributing to deeper sleep.

And it seems as though more and more people are starting to take notice too, something exemplified by the ludicrous growth of the industry since 2010. It is already valued at over $1.7 billion, however this is just the start, as forecasters are projecting a mental compound growth of 21.2% by 2028, with the market reaching an outrageous $13.4 billion valuation. In other words, a lot!

The main contributing factors to this are of course the legalisation of CBD products in various countries, increased awareness of the health benefits of CBD and also a generally changing opinion on what it means to take CBD. Furthermore, as you can tell from the CBD Bath Bombs and Hand Creams included in the Satori Wellness Hamper, there are also a multitude of ways to try CBD these days.

CBD has been medically proven to relieve pain, fight inflammation, reduce anxiety and improve sleep, all without actually having any psychoactive effects on the mind itself. It is important to remember this, because there are still negative views on CBD that stem from the fact it is derived from cannabis, however CBD in itself is not a psychoactive drug due to the absence of THC.

It all means that you can take CBD as an oil, bath bomb or cream without worrying about having a mental breakdown or being unable to perform basic tasks. In actuality many people report an increased level of alertness and energy after taking CBD in the morning – no wonder it has shot straight to the top of the wellness charts! You can see for yourself through entering our Winzum Satori Wellness Hamper monthly follower draw.

How to enter our monthly followers draw

By now the Satori Wellness Hamper must be looking rather tantalizing, and the great news is that we have made this Winzum competition incredibly easy to enter. These monthly follower draws are a sign of our gratefulness when it comes to our fantastic online competition community after all, so we simply had to make them a doddle to enter (even though our regular competitions are pretty damn simple to enter as it is).

It works like this: quite literally all you have to do is make sure you are following the Winzum Facebook or Instagram (or both if you’re keen) and drop a comment on our [monthly Facebook follower post] or [monthly Instagram follower post] when the giveaway goes live.

After the specified time period is up we will take all of you fantastic entrants from both Facebook and Instagram posts and run them through a social media competition randomiser called Osortoo. This is in order to ensure maximum fairness – at Winzum we are transparent in everything we do, and it is always going to stay that way.

If you are lucky enough to be the winner we will contact you in order to deliver the Satori Wellness Hamper prize. Happy days!

Winzum: We’re always trying to look out for you

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: Winzum was born out of a love for doing online competitions the right way. Aside from offering a genuinely thoughtful and interesting blend of online competition prizes, this also means looking out for our Winzum community as much as we possibly can.

It is the main reason why our blog is full of helpful articles in relation to online safety, for instance, and also other things like money saving tips or how to win as many pub quizzes as possible. In an online competition world where it seems as though most people are simply out to get the money and the data, we are pushing for a bit more authenticity, transparency and genuineness.

As of January 2021 there is a whooping 4.66 billion people using the Internet for all sorts of things, and each person leaves a data trial that nasty advertisers and scammers are always trying to take advantage of. With Winzum, however, you can rest assured that entering our online competitions won’t result in any fraudulent phone calls or spam emails – not the way we roll

A key part of the Winzum mantra is “no spam on the menu”, something we will stick to doggedly no matter what. It means that you can enter our online competitions safe in the knowledge that we won’t pass your details to anybody else. Winzum won’t hit you with any spam either: we’ll only contact you about exciting upcoming competitions, as well as discount codes from our brand partners. Nothing more, nothing less.

Remember to stay on the lookout for more Winzum giveaways

Winzum followers have been treated to a variety of different giveaways over the course of 2021, with things like Bitcoin, Cool Camping vouchers and Cotswold Picnic Hampers all on the menu. Things are only going to get better though, so we suggest keeping an eye on the regular Winzum giveaways coming your way.

Who knows? You might just get your paws on something you’ve wanted for ages, all for free! For now though, get commenting on the Winzum Satori Wellness Hamper giveaway posts for your chance to win…

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