Winzum x2 Tokyo World 2021 Adult Weekend Pass Giveaway

In the time since its formation, Winzum has had the pleasure of offering numerous online competition giveaways across a wide spectrum of different things. From super-exclusive USB sticks from the likes of drum & bass producer Break, all the way through to a limited edition Mad Hatters Tea Party canvas by renowned Bristol street artist Cheba. there is a prize out there for everyone.

One of the most important parts of the Winzum project is to create a genuine feeling of community, and this means constantly striving to be as versatile as possible with our competition prizes. It also means reacting to the context of what is going on at any given moment. With the mercurial return of music festivals over the summer of 2021, we thought there would be no better prize than giving away a pair of tickets to Bristol’s infamous Tokyo World festival over the 18-19th of September.

The Covid-19 pandemic has absolutely ravaged the live entertainment industries, but already we can see the bounce back coming to fruition. If there is one thing you will never be able stop people doing, it is enjoying live music in its many beautiful forms. Tokyo World 2021 is a perfect place to see this in action, with a staggeringly good line-up packed full of musical icons from across the world.

Not only is the 2021 iteration of Tokyo World overflowing with huge artists such as Burna Boy, Koffee, Denis Sulta, Annie Mac and Calibre, but the team behind the festival are also experts in the field of immersive set design. Each year Eastville Park is turned into a bustling fantasy land of music, fun, and inspired landscapes. Every single stage is strikingly noticeable, really helping to create a genuinely absorbing festival experience.

Aside from making sure Winzum online competitions are always incredibly enticing to a wide range of people, they are also extremely easy to enter. Just follow the link below to get started. The only thing we require is your email address so that we can let you know if you are a winner. Winzum also secure discounts and deals from our brand partners that we will pass on to our community. Our ethos stands totally against data farming and spam, so you needn’t worry about any of that.

Read on for an exploration into exactly what you could win via entering the Winzum x2 Tokyo World 2021 Adult Weekend Pass giveaway.

Tokyo World: A crucial part of Bristol’s bubbling music ecosystem

Running as a festival since 2013, Tokyo World has long been a crucial part of Bristol’s bubbling music ecosystem. Even before this, the team were throwing regular parties across the city, culminating in huge Tokyo Dub events at the likes of Motion. Initially starting out at the smaller Castle Park, the Tokyo World 2013 edition (still called Tokyo Dub back then) was a marker of what was to come. Artists such as Jackmaster, P Money and Zed Bias were invited down, evidence of the Tokyo World team’s ambition.

It didn’t take long for the festival to outgrow its humble beginnings in Castle Park, ultimately moving to its current Eastville Park home. The change allowed for a much more expansive site, culminating in the design of several theatrical and impressive stages that evoked memories of huge festivals like Boomtown or Glastonbury’s Shangri-La district. Not only this, but the increased capacity allowed for the Tokyo World organisers to get even more ambitious with their bookings, becoming one of the No. 1 places in Bristol to see world famous artists.

Over the last several years Tokyo World has welcomed an illustrious cast of musical figures over a vast spectrum of different sounds and cultures. Hip-hop legends De La Soul were headliners back in 2019, for example, whilst other high-profile Tokyo World alumni include Sister Sledge, Groove Armada, Big Narstie and Ghostface Killah.

Bristol has long been an epicentre for music culture. However, it is things like Tokyo World that continue to give the city such an exciting musical fabric. Handing aspiring musicians the chance to see their favourite artists is an invaluable source of inspiration and motivation. Though, even more importantly, Tokyo World offers local DJs and musicians the chance to perform at the festival for themselves. It is truly difficult to overstate its importance, and you can see for yourself through entering the Winzum x2 Tokyo World 2021 Adult Weekend Pass giveaway by clicking below.

7 of the best artists at Tokyo World 2021

But what exactly can you win in the Winzum x2 Tokyo World 2021 Adult Weekend Pass giveaway? We have established the importance and quality of Tokyo World as an annual Bristol festival, so now it is time to delve further into the 2021 edition itself. After a year out of the game due to Covid-19, the Tokyo World team are evidently hungry to get things moving again. It is reflected in the Tokyo World 2021 line-up, which could just be the best one yet.

In fact, the line-up this year is so good that Winzum could go on about it until the cows come home. Here are 7 of the best artists you simply must see if you win the Winzum x2 Tokyo World 2021 Adult Weekend Pass giveaway.

  1. Burna Boy: No other artist can characterise the huge influence of Africa on popular music quite as well as the Nigerian artist Burna Boy. Rising to fame through a combination of solo projects and collaborations with the likes of Jorja Smith, Dave and Stormzy, Burna Boy is one of the biggest artists in the world right now. Listen to the infectious Afrobeats inspired sounds of tunes like “On The Low” and you will see exactly why. Certainly not one to miss at Tokyo World 2021!

  2. Basement Jaxx: Responsible for some of the biggest hits of the last three decades, Basment Jaxx have solidified themselves as a mainstay in popular dance music. Blending infectious house grooves with the uplifting power of disco and funk, the production duo are experts in getting people moving. Put songs like “Bingo Bango” on loud and try not to dance… It’s impossible.

  3. Bad Boy Chiller Crew: Although the last year and a half has been exceptionally difficult for musicians, there have still been some breakout stars. Bad Boy Chiller Crew are one of the fastest rising, a hilarious MC trio from Bradford rapping over the classic Northern bassline sound. At first coming to prominence through the hilarity of their online comedy and prank sketches, they are now on an upward music trajectory that has seen them become one of the UK’s most exciting new arrivals.

  4. Calibre: There are very few producers in any genre that can match the musical output of Dominick Martin, better known as Calibre. The Northern Irish drum & bass producer has been active since the mid-90s, crafting beautifully emotional music that has resonated through the decades. A classically trained musician, Calibre is unique in the deep feeling and nostalgia his tracks evoke, although he is equally capable of crafting more bassy and bruising cuts. A bona fide UK underground music icon, and an unmissable fixture at Tokyo World 2021.

  5. Annie Mac: What can we say about Annie Mac? The BBC Radio 1 DJ who almost single-handedly changed the fortunes of countless aspiring musicians through her time at the station. She will be sorely missed on the nation’s airwaves, however, we are still lucky to be able to see her DJ at events like Tokyo World. Enter the Winzum x2 Tokyo World 2021 Adult Weekend Pass giveaway for your chance to see this iconic tastemaker.

  6. David Rodigan: Operating as a radio DJ for more than four decades, David Rodigan is one of the most important figures in the history of UK music. He was incredibly important to the popularity of reggae in Britain during the 70s and 80s, remaining the No. 1 reggae and sound system DJ in the country. The MBE recipient has been pushing the culture for almost half a century, seeing him at Tokyo World 2021 will be a genuine education in reggae, dancehall and soundsystem culture.

  7. Kurupt FM: First coming to attention through the People Just Do Nothing BBC 3 series, Kurupt FM are now genuine figures on the UK music circuit. Blending the sounds of classic pirate radio inspired UK garage and grime with top-tier comedy, the crew have quickly risen to cult status. With a feature length cinema film out this summer, there has never been a better time to see Kurupt FM strut their stuff.

As you can see, the Tokyo World 2021 is absolutely stacked with talent, and we’re only skimming the surface here. Make sure you enter the Winzum x2 Tokyo World 2021 Adult Weekend Pass giveaway for your chance to sample the incredible music on offer.

Covid-19 and the 2021 festival bounce back

Festivals like Tokyo World have always been fun, but they take on an extra significance these days. After a difficult 2020 in which they were completely off the cards, it has been a truly difficult road back for festival organisers up and down the country. For a while it seemed as though 2021 festivals were also going to be impossible, but through a truly inspiring amount of effort and determination, the bounce back is on.

Despite a lack of government-led insurance schemes and in the face of the consistently unpredictable pattern of the virus, several 2021 festivals have been able to run with great success. And it is just as well, because UK festival-based revenue is expected to rise by 862% compared to 2020-2021. For a £184 million industry, the implications of this are massive right across the board.

Winzum is obsessed with music and culture, something you will have picked up on from some of our other giveaways. It was terrible to see such a successful and culturally important industry left in the dark by the government throughout the pandemic. However, as we can see today, there is nothing that can stop the inevitable bounce back of live entertainment and festivals.

Festivals like Tokyo World are always huge amounts of fun, but this year it is slightly different. This year we all have the opportunity to be a genuine piece of history as the festival sector gets back on its feet. Enter the Winzum x2 Tokyo World 2021 Adult Weekend Pass giveaway to be a part of it yourself.

Previous highlights at Tokyo World

Although the line-up for Tokyo World 2021 is arguably the best yet, the festival has been a consistent sure bet for incredible music since its beginnings in 2013. Alongside Love Saves The Day, Tokyo World is an important gem in the Bristolian live music sphere, having been responsible for bringing down a catalogue of internationally recognised artists. Here are just a few:

  • Action Bronson
  • General Levy
  • Artful Dodger
  • Mike Skinner
  • Faithless
  • Ghetts

Winzum know the quality that Tokyo World bring to Bristol each year better than most, something proven by a very special backpack in our possession. Signed by a plethora of huge artists at Tokyo World 2019, you might just be able to get your hands on it at some point soon…

Love music? Winzum is the competition platform for you

Winzum was created out of a love for online competitions, but also a desire to break the mould somewhat. Whilst the online competitions world is massively popular, there is a lack of giveaways tailored to music aficionados. This is where Winzum comes in, a platform that regularly stages competitions with prizes that will send music lovers into overdrive.

The Winzum x2 Tokyo World 2021 Adult Weekend Pass giveaway is one such example, and there is plenty more where that came from. If you are a music lover keep your eyes peeled, it will be more than worth it!

How to enter the Winzum x2 Tokyo World 2021 Adult Weekend Pass giveaway

Aside from running exciting and unique online competitions, Winzum also promise to always make the entry process as simple as possible. For example, all you have to do to enter the Winzum x2 Tokyo World 2021 Adult Weekend Pass giveaway is follow the link below.

You will need to provide your email address, although this is just so that we can notify any winners. As always with Winzum there is no spam on the menu, and your personal data is absolutely not for sale. What are you waiting for? Enter the Winzum x2 Tokyo World 2021 Adult Weekend Pass giveaway today!

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