2021: Some of the best ways to make this year count


Before we get into this article, let’s just all give each other a collective pat on the back. 2020 was an extremely wild year, and due to reasons we’re sure we don’t even need to explicitly mention, pretty much everybody’s lives have been turned upside down in one way or another.

But there is hope on the horizon! A new year brings the promise of change, and here at Winzum we’re excited to see the rebound take place. The beginning of a new year is always a great time to make new starts and new promises, but it isn’t always easy to see what you can do to make it count. Luckily for you, Winzum is here to help!

Set yourself some New Years resolutions

By far the most traditional way to make sure the New Year counts is by setting a few New Year’s resolutions, something that countless people still do today. There is nothing like a physical list of objectives when you want to keep yourself motivated, and there is also a great amount of satisfaction up for grabs when you tick them off!

So, think about a few things that you’d like to try and better about yourself, writing them down will instantly make it a lot easier to complete and keep track of. It could quite literally be anything!

Consider taking part in Dry January

You have always got to make sure you have a healthy relationship with alcohol, no matter how satisfying it can be to have a glass of wine on the sofa, or pint of beer down the pub. A great way of regulating this is through taking part in Dry January, where you stop drinking for the month.

There’s more too, because the term Dry January was coined by Alcohol Change UK, an organisation that you can even raise money for whilst you quit the booze. If you want to raise money and stay a little healthier, what are you waiting for? Dry January could be the one.

Start a monthly quiz competition with friends

Over the last year it has been extremely difficult to regularly meet up with friends, especially in larger groups. Whilst it has been pretty rubbish, over at Winzum it has at least made us appreciate our wonderful friends more.

Starting a weekly, fortnightly or monthly quiz competition with your friends is a great way to maintain regular contact whilst we still cannot meet, and it can be a great way to make this year count more than any other. And guess what? You can even read our guide to starting a quiz competition here [how do you start a quiz competition].

Enter an online competition or two

Speaking of competitions, have you ever considered entering an online competition or two? These things are incredibly exciting these days; trust us, we’d know! There are even people that managed to live off of them, appropriately called compers.

We absolutely love online competitions here at Winzum, which explains a few of our tantalizing prizes we’ve had since our beginning – ultra noise-cancelling wireless ear buds? Check. A £50 Asda shopping voucher? Check. Limited edition super exclusive USB packed with unreleased tunes from the Drum & Bass producer Break? You best believe it!

We look out for you guys too, check our key brand objectives for more [winzum key brand objectives].

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