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Oh yes, over at Winzum we are complete and utter suckers for an online competition, as proven by the crazy prizes we have offered over the last several months… In fact, there is currently a super-exclusive USB of tracks from seminal drum & bass trio The Sauce up for grabs in our Winzum The Sauce Giveaway [Check out the Winzum Sauce Giveaway]. Head to the link if that sounds like your cup of tea!

Anyhow, online competitions aren’t the only thing we do here at Winzum though, as we’re also determined to spread as much help and knowledge as possible – chicken dinners all round, as we like to say. You may have seen our exploration into what the best student bank account is [what is the best student bank account], and in this blog we’re going to give some more Winzum top tips for university students!

Learn to cook!

Honestly, we cannot stress this enough – if you don’t already know how to cook before university, make sure you teach yourself. The student experience is often characterised by microwave meals and oven pizzas, but if you put a bit of effort into learning how to cook things can be so much healthier, and tastier too!

Sure, it might take a little more effort cooking your own curry rather than just sticking one in the microwave, but you will often find it is tastier doing it yourself. Furthermore, learning to cook will enable you to spend a lot less on food every week, whilst eating better at the same time.

Don’t abuse your overdraft

For the vast majority of students heading off to university it will be the first time they have genuinely lived alone, and this means that you will be financially a lot more independent too. As you will have seen in our student banking blog article available here [Crucial things to remember with student banking], student bank accounts often come with overdrafts, but you really do have to be sensible here.

At Winzum we really don’t want you cutting through your overdraft like a hot knife through butter, treating it more like free money if anything else. Obviously it is there to be used for necessities, but you don’t want to buy hundreds of pounds worth of clothes, for example, and then spend the rest of your life trying to claw your way out.

Try and stick to a (relatively) healthy lifestyle

The university experience can quite easily become fairly unhealthy, especially in times like fresher’s week or the run up to exams, where keeping yourself healthy is probably the last thing on your mind. But here’s the thing: without a healthy lifestyle you might start to find that the university experience takes its toll.

Make sure you are getting enough sleep each week, and also that you are eating as many fruit and vegetables as possible. And remember: we all love a bit of alcohol, but if you go overboard it can have seriously negative consequences.

Maintain the right balance between socialising and studying

Two of the most vital things of anybody’s student experience are socialising and studying, and it is extremely important that you are able to maintain a healthy balance between these two things. Socialising is definitely crucial to your overall happiness, for example, especially when it comes to forming new friendships.

At the same time, however, do you really want to waste your university education through lack of studying? As fun as university can be, it’s always important to remember the importance of grades at the same time.

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