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Over at Winzum we’re obviously big fans of online competitions, it is basically the reason behind our existence! With that being said, however, at Winzum we’re also incredibly passionate about shining a light on people who we think are doing genuinely great things in various fields, hopefully helping them grow in the process.

After all, that’s exactly what the Winzum Spotlight series is all about, and up next we have the trailblazing drum & bass trio and record label: The Sauce. You’ve just got to love the name here, and they also promise “a whole lot of sauce” in everything they do. Let’s get stuck into a The Sauce Winzum Spotlight, and don’t forget about our current The Sauce Winzum Giveaway too! [Check out the Winzum The Sauce Giveaway].

Who are The Sauce?

Essentially, The Sauce is a super-exciting new drum & bass trio comprising of DLR, Hydro and Spinback (one half of seminal producer duo Total Science), and it is basically a super-group of sorts. The three producers only started The Sauce project last year, however it is immediately easy to see how great this combo is in the studio.

It is no surprise of course, considering their respective profiles, yet DLR, Hydro and Spinback have already created something special with The Sauce, getting serious attention from all corners of the remarkably healthy drum & bass scene these days.

Passionate & experienced drum & bass stalwarts

For any long-term fans of drum & bass and jungle The Sauce will be an extremely exciting proposition, mainly because the trio are all legendary figures in their own right. DLR, for example, is a Metalheadz staple, and has several albums under his belt, all exploring a range of drum & bass sounds from deep techy sonics, all the way through to jazz-inspired rollers.

Elsewhere, Spinback is part of the legendary duo Total Science, producers who were instrumental in the evolution of drum & bass and jungle throughout the 90s and early 2000s. Hydro has also firmly established himself over the last several years, with releases on high-profile labels such as Metalheadz, Symmetry and Dispatch.

Key tracks from The Sauce

That’s a bit about who The Sauce are, but we know what you lot are all waiting for by now… the tunes! In little over the year The Sauce have already showed themselves to be a highly prolific drum & bass outfit, with a slew of high-octane and ferocious cuts coming from their camp in recent times.

One of the most popular tracks has been their remix of Shy FX’s classic “Roll The Dice” featuring Lily Allen and Stamina MC. The Sauce bring some serious jungle inspired bass pressure to the track, and when raves can finally come back this is going to cause an absolute ruckus on the dance floor. Listen below;

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The Sauce bring “a whole lot of sauce” indeed, as proven by their quickly rising reputation, which is no surprise considering their legendary status as individual producers. And remember: over at Winzum we have the pleasure of offering you lovely lot a chance to win an exclusive set of fresh and unreleased music from the trio…

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