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You know what? There is an almost infinite amount of people doing exceptionally great things these days; from musicians to record labels, artists to exhibition places, restaurants to online chefs. Here at Winzum we love running online competitions, sure, but that’s not just it – we want to give something back!

It’s the reason we started the Winzum Spotlight series, where we’ll be shining a light on all the organisations or people we really think deserve it. Last week was the Drum & Bass legend Break, as you can read here [Winzum Spotlight Break], and this time we’re paying homage to an essential part of Bristol’s culture – Cheba…

Who is Cheba?

Cheba is a certified street artist based in Bristol who has been injecting a sense of beauty and wonder into urban cityscapes since the early 2000s, originally starting out as a spray graffiti artist, before embracing a number of different medias like oil, ink, and even resin.

Cheba is immensely inspired by subjects such as space and magic, something that gives his works an ethereal quality that is made all the more striking by their urban locations. Adorning buildings in hyper-realistic nebula murals, for example, is a Cheba favourite, using the mind-blowing deep space images from the Hubble Telescope as a reference.

An important face on the Bristol street-art scene and beyond

The Bristol street-art scene is famous for birthing influential figures such as Banksy, and Cheba therefore comes from a very rich tradition in urban street-art. In many ways Cheba has taken up the mantle of being an essential Bristolian icon, and over the last two decades his works have consistently instilled the city with colour, creativity and passion.

But it’s not just Bristol either, because Cheba’s art has ended up all around the world by now, and the street artist has also played a direct hand in helping the next generation too. He was the Brisfest See No Evil curator, for example, as well as a mentor at Europe’s largest street art festival.

Cheba: Some of the most iconic achievements

Cheba’s career has been full of illustrious achievements, which is impressive in itself considering he came from a street-art background that can often be looked down on by more pretentious art institutions.

Some of his most iconic achievements include the Gromit Unleashed Exhibition, being the official MINI 60th Anniversary artist, and contributing to the “Crimes of Passion” show at Royal West Academy of Arts and The House of Commons. Cheba’s showing no sign of stopping either, so who knows what other achievements he will tick off as his career continues to flower.

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