Who wants to Winzum? 4x Free Tickets to BASSIX 18th Anniversary with DJ Marky, MC GQ & More


Over the past year our wonderful online competition community has had more than enough chances to Winzum… From experience days to bespoke picnic hampers, supermarket vouchers to exclusive music; you best believe there has been a free prize draw for you.

A core Winzum pledge is to keep things as interesting as possible, which is why we are especially keen to explore our huge musical passion. As a result, we have managed to bag four free tickets to the upcoming BASSIX 18th Anniversary featuring DJ Marky, MC GQ, Harry Shotta, KY and more. For your chance to Winzum, just click the image below to go through to the competition landing page.

BASSIX have been throwing drum & bass raves since 2003 in Cheltenham and the surrounding areas, intent on consistently blending the old-school with the new starlets bursting onto the scene. This is perfectly encapsulated with their 18th birthday celebration, where legends such as DJ Marky and MC GQ rub shoulders with hotly tipped newcomers like KY.

Indeed, Winzum knows the drum & bass world better than most, with previous free prize draws giving you lot the chance to win super-exclusive and sold-out music from the likes of The Sauce. The BASSIX 18th anniversary event is a perfect way to follow on from this, especially seeing as we had a bunch of Tokyo World 2021 tickets up for grabs in September.

Another thing Winzum is hugely passionate about is customer safety, because unlike some other online competition platforms, we really do care about our community. Consequently, there is absolutely no spam on the menu, and when you enter one of our free prize giveaways you can rest easy in the knowledge that your personal data is not for sale. It’ just not how we roll.

That is an overview of the BASSIX 18th Anniversary with DJ Marky, MC GQ & More 4x Free Ticket Prize Draw out of the way. Read on for a deeper look at BASSIX, their incredible line-up and more…

An overview of the BASSIX 18th Anniversary line-up

Before we get into exploring the BASSIX brand and their headliners in a bit more detail, let’s take a look at the BASSIX 18th Anniversary line-up as a whole. This is the outfit’s debut outing in Evesham, descending on the Marilyn’s club for the first time with a seriously stacked array of artists.

It is difficult to match the energy that an astounding MC can bring to the table, especially at a drum & bass event. After 18 years in the game BASSIX know this better than most, booking some of the best MCs in the game in MC GQ and Harry Shotta. MC Brink and MC Bengee join them, ensuring that the energy levels throughout the night will be at maximum capacity.

Moreover, in DJ Marky, BASSIX have booked one of the most high-energy drum & bass DJs in the game. Equally renowned for hi-grade and often bonkers turntable magic as he is seminal classics like “LK”, the Brazilian DJ is always a hit. DJ Marky is a complete rarity to see performing live in Evesham too. In fact, you need to jump at the start to see him whenever you can, as a worldwide touring schedule means the artist is often in short supply. It makes it all the more special that he appears at Marilyn’s on Friday 12th November.

True to their pledge to support the new-school of drum & bass as well as the established vanguard, BASSIX have also called on the rapidly up-and-coming KY for their 18th birthday celebrations. With songs supported by the likes of Andy C, the sky is the limit for this burgeoning low-end heavy drum & bass producer.

As you can see, there is a lot to enjoy if you win the BASSIX 18th Anniversary with DJ Marky, MC GQ & More 4x Free Ticket Prize Draw. Here is the full line-up on offer during the BASSIX 18th Anniversary:

DJ Marky KY MC GQ Harry Shotta Phate Access Kontagious MC Brink MC Bengee

A bit about BASSIX

An events brand with as much history as BASSIX are worth talking about in a bit more detail. Having been established in 2003, the team have seen various evolutions within the drum & bass world, which explains the consistently excellent curation at their events. Previous guests include Dillinja, Voltage, Bryan Gee, Randall and Annix – a ridiculously good spread of drum & bass stalwarts continuously pushing the scene forwards.

With over 100 shows under their belt, BASSIX also have huge experience in the fields of sound and events spaces. It is all well and good having an excellent line-up, but if the club space and soundsystem aren’t up to scratch you will be fighting a losing battle. It is a good job, therefore, that BASSIX events have always taken place at premiere venues in Cheltenham and beyond.

Marilyn’s club is a great example of this, with the BASSIX 18th Anniversary benefiting from a stacked lighting rig and quality Void soundsystem. This, together with the lineup, is a perfect recipe for an unforgettable drum & bass rave. Head to the link in the image below for your chance to win two tickets. What is there to lose?

DJ Marky: Brazilian drum & bass turntable extraordinaire

Beginning his career in the early 1990s, DJ Marky has been an integral part of the scene since the conception of drum & bass music. Notable for pioneering a Brazilian take on the quintessentially UK genre, DJ Marky joined contemporaries such as DJ Patife in taking the country’s music to new worldwide audiences. In fact, the smash-hit “LK” featuring Stamina MC hit #17 in the UK charts in 2002, leading to gigs around the globe and headline appearances at the likes of Lovebox 2006.

Although he began his journey in the drum & bass world in 1992, it is notable that DJ Marky only went to London several years later. Joining up with legendary DJs Goldie, DJ Hype and Byran Gee, he secured a residency at the Movement club and made several appearances on Radio 1. By 1999 DJ Marky was the recipient of the “Best New DJ” award by UK music critics, solidifying him as an essential part of the scene.

Meanwhile, alongside his success as a producer, DJ Marky was also getting more and more of a reputation for his incredible vinyl scratching and mixing skills. DJ scratching can often sound a little out of place in dance music, but this Brazilian DJ makes it look and sound completely seamless. He is even known for turning the turntable upside down whilst mixing – seeing DJ Marky live is nothing short of a spectacle.

Here are 3 essential DJ Marky tunes to check out ahead of the BASSIX 18th Anniversary:

LK (featuring Stamina MC)

Fatboy Slim – Praise You (DJ Marky Remix)

Silly (Original Mix)

MC GQ & Harry Shotta: Two of the most iconic MCs in the game

DJ Marky would be a worthy headliner on his own, but BASSIX have gone one step better by inviting two iconic MCs down to Evesham too. MC GQ and Harry Shotta are two of the most prominent wordsmiths on the scene, both showcasing rapid delivery with energy and actual lyrical substance.

MC GQ, for example, has been at the absolute top of the MC ranks for two decades – you don’t achieve that without some exceptional consistency. He has worked with most major drum & bass DJs in the past, cementing himself as the go-to since the early 1990s. Additionally, with his label Emcee Recordings MC GQ has been integral in the development of names like SP:MC, Breakage and Jubei.

Harry Shotta is another drum & bass MC who is at the forefront of the scene, possessing a lyrical dexterity that few others can claim to possess. He is known for flipping the news into lyrics during DJ Semtex’s long running BBC 1xtra show and turning venues upside down as part of SASASAS. Perhaps the most impressive thing about Harry Shotta, however, is his Guiness World Record for fitting the most words into a song. 1771 into “Animal”, if you’re wondering. Where is the BASSIX 18th Anniversary show going ahead?

This is BASSIX’s first time throwing an event in Evesham, and what better way to do it than celebrate their 18th Anniversary at the same time? As we mentioned before, the events brand know the importance of a great venue, which is why they have acquired the keys to Marilyn’s nightclub for the evening.

Having been open since 1985, all sorts of things have passed through the legendary doors of this Evesham club. Located on Bridge Street, the venue caters for a variety of different events, all powered by a state-of-the-art Void soundsystem and high-quality lighting rig. Hit the link (image below) for your chance to win four free tickets to the BASSIX 18th Anniversary at the award-winning Marilyn’s.

Winzum and our love of underground music

Winzum has many passions, but it is our love of underground music that truly sets us apart from many other online competition platforms. Indeed, how do you expect to create a genuine community through faceless and generic prizes? Winzum strives to be different and unique, something we think creates an opportunity to generate much closer connections with our lovely community.

Underground music, in particular, is a place where passionately upheld communities prosper. Just look at the drum & bass scene, for example, a community that has been going strong since the early 1990s and continues to grow. Previous Winzum free prize draws included things like Roni Size LPs and an exclusive wooden Break USB. It’s clear we have a passion for underground music and our prizes are even better as a result.

Want to Winzum? How to enter the BASSIX 18th Anniversary with DJ Marky, MC GQ & More 2x Free Ticket Prize Draw

Right then, that is a round-up of the Winzum BASSIX 18th Anniversary with DJ Marky, MC GQ & More 4x Free Ticket Prize Draw out of the way. Before we part ways let’s just reiterate how to enter.

Luckily for you, it is exceptionally easy. Just click this link and you’re away! Winzum asks for your email address, but this is only to let you know if you have won or to hit you with exclusive discounts obtained through our brand partners. Easy!

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