How online competitions release endorphins

Benefits competitions

Guess what? At Winzum we go bonkers for online competitions, something you probably know already if you had the pleasure of entering things like our Asda voucher or Amazon gift card giveaways. Our ultimate goal is to create the wickedest online competition community that the world has ever seen, with you lovely lot winning juicy prizes left, right and centre, but there’s more on that here [Winzum primary brand objectives].

This all got us thinking: why is it that we all love entering online competitions such as ITV competitions or various radio competitions so much? There is an unmistakeable buzz you get from giving a paid of free to enter competition a go after all, just ask one of the many professional compers out there!

The truth is that, just like with a range of other fun stuff in our lives, entering online competitions is a great way to release those all-too-important endorphins in our brains. Below we’ve listed a few of the main ways in which online competitions release endorphins.

We all love winning

The concept of winning is one of the oldest things in the history of humanity, and in actuality when you look at other animals around the world they also seem to take great pleasure in the experience of winning. This is something that online competitions promise each and every time you enter them, so there is no wonder that they are capable of releasing so many endorphins.

Of course, you’re not always going to win an online competitions, however when you do the rush of adrenaline can be difficult to match!

Online competitions are an innocent way to get a gambling-esque thrill

As the millions of gamblers around the world will tell you, the thrill of playing games like poker or roulette at a casino is extraordinary intense, however the downside of gambling is that it can also quite easily ruin your life if you get too addicted.

This is where online competitions come in handy, because in many ways they are like innocent ways to get a gambling-esque buzz, but without the danger of losing your entire lifesavings.

Online competitions often highlight prizes we want

Another reason why online competitions can be a great way to release those endorphins is because the prizes on offer will often remind us all of things that we really desperately want.

Take the lottery prize, for example. We’re pretty sure everybody would desperately want a multi-million fortune, and entering the lottery gives you a much bigger reason to imagine yourself actually getting your paws on it.

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