How online competitions can benefit students


Here at Winzum we go bonkers for a lot of things, although there is nothing that gets our pulse racing quite like an online competition or two! By now that shouldn’t really be surprising if you’re in the know, as we are outrageously passionate about offering the crème-de-la-crème of online competition prizes.

That’s not all though, because at Winzum we are also dedicated to establishing a genuine online competition community, one that we can all feel mighty proud of being part of. We’re big fans of helping people out in any way we can, and for this blog we thought we’d take a look at how online competitions can benefit students.

Being a student is equal parts extremely tough and outrageously fun, but if you’re not clever about the experience it can be more difficult than needed. At Winzum we delved into what the best student bank account is here [what is the best student bank account?], so now it’s time to look at how online competitions can benefit students.

Online competitions are great fun

One of the main ways in which online competitions can benefit students is simply down to the fact that 21st century online competitions are almost always a great deal of fun. The student experience can get boring occasionally, so what a great way to inject some excitement into it!

This is particularly relevant if you live with a few housemates, as entering online competitions as a house from time to time can be a great way to tighten your relationship, and also have a great deal of fun.

Students can win loads of useful and exciting prizes through online competitions

Yeah, online competitions are fun, but we all know what the main reason people enter them for is – to win the prizes! Luckily the modern online competition landscape caters to this perfectly, with things like Winzum competitions, ITV competitions and various radio competitions all coming with the opportunity to win big.

It’s always going to be exciting winning an online competition prize, however as a student it can be even more meaningful, because you don’t tend to have as much money as in later life. Winning online competition prizes therefore benefits students hugely.

As a student you might have the time to become a temporary “comper”

Ever heard of a “comper”? These people dedicate vast proportions of their lives to entering online competitions, and they can often make a fairly healthy living from it if they put in the required amount of effort. And you know what? As a student you might have the time to become a comper too.

Money can be tight as a student, so successfully cracking the comper nugget could benefit students massively. Remember though, there are also dangers of being a comper, as you can see here [dangers of being a comper].

Online competitions are great for finding out about new super-cool brands

Something that people can often forget about online competitions is how great they can be for finding out about new brands and companies. It is fairly standard practise for new brands to hold online competitions for their merchandise, for example, and this can benefit student greatly in their quest for style.

Wardrobe in need of a freshening up? Or do you fancy some new decorations in your room? An online competition could well be the ticket!

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