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Winning Winzum

We’re big fans of online competitions to win juicy stuff here at Winzum, but something that can occasionally be slightly annoying is when competition prizes are far too niche. Our goal is to have a nice even spread of tantalizing competition prizes, because we value every single one of you in our lovely competition community.

It got us thinking – what is something that quite literally anyone would be happy to win? A £50 Asda voucher of course, available to be spent on anything you want in their stores!

£50 in Asda is a lot of chocolate, and it can be a marvellous amount of beer too. But perhaps you’d prefer to spend it on some delectable cured meats? Or maybe even some clothes from the famous Asda George range? The possibilities are endless, and with Winzum we’re giving you the opportunity to unlock the Asda supermarket experience for free…

Think of all the things you could get in Asda for £50…

Asda are one of the largest supermarket chains in the world, with hundreds of stores across the UK offering a huge variety of cut-price goods that can vary from groceries to clothes. In fact, Asda have historically been amongst the cheapest supermarkets in Britain, famous for their immensely reasonable prices.

With all that in mind, just think about everything you could get in Asda with a £50 voucher… That’s most of a family weekly shop for starters, but it could also give you a fair few crates of beer. Chocolate, sweets, fresh veg and fruit… You name it, in Asda you’ll be able to find it, and with our £50 voucher giveaway you lot can get your paws on anything you need in the supermarket for free!

Our Winzum online competition pledges

Exciting and inclusive online competitions are what its all about with us at Winzum, however we are also massively committed to a set of stern principles designed to keep you guys safe.

For example, you’re certainly not going to be for sale with Winzum, and what we mean by that is there is never (ever) going to be a situation where we sell off your personal data to other companies. Furthermore, our computer boffins have made sure that our site is completely secure, so you are never at risk of having your banking details stolen. You can find more Winzum brand pledges here [Winzum primary brand objectives].

How to enter

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: one of our No. 1 goals at Winzum is ensuring that our lovely competition community is happy, so we have made it as easy as possible for you lot to enter our online competitions. No jumping through a million hoops here, all you have to do is head over to the Winzum competition landing page linked below.

We do ask for your email address, however this is only because we need to notify you if you win a competition (imagine winning and not being told…). Winzum is fully complaint with GDPR protocols too, so if you ever want us to delete your email address off of our system you just need to ask. Simples!

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